Compatible with all luminaires.
Install into existing infrastructures

Customize lighting levels to
fulfil existing lighting standards

The most economical modernization

possible for lighting installations

The ability to create intelligent
systems for management and

Why smartLamp is a revolutionary solution?

The classic ignition system is powered by a sinusoidal voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, which means that the arc discharge are heated up and cooled down 100 times per second, this causes a faster degradation of the electrodes and the momentary uneven illumination (strobe effect). The stabilization system work is done in classical electromagnetic ballast, which is about 10% of heat loss. Classical system is extremely sensitive to voltage fluctuations, even 10% of the instability may lead to a significant shortening of the lamp. In addition, electromagnetic stabilizers make large losses of reactive power. Also present on the market, electronic ballasts, operating at frequencies below 1 kHz, despite the stabilization of the parameters of the lamp, are sensitive to the highly variable behavior of hot plasma in the discharge lamps, and because of the high complexity of the electronics are not as effective.

SMARTlamp is a system of new generation, which patented a method to avoid acoustic resonances, can be applied control voltage, high frequency (100 kHz) and a rectangular course. This solution allows you to maintain a uniform temperature emitting plasmas, much reducing electrode consumption and other adverse effects found in other solutions. Such control allows the energy savings of 15%, and the active power factor correction system for an additional 5% of energy. Stability allows you to power a wide range of input voltages (90-280VAC).

SMARTlamp has a microprocessor for enabling secure multi-step reduction in lamp power consumption, allowing for the reduction to 50%. The system can operate autonomously, based on behavioral astronomical calendar, which reduces power consumption during the night. Smart Lamp can also be controlled externally by other control systems.

Using SMARTlamp significantly extends the correct operation of light sources, which has a significant impact on operating costs of lighting.

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